After a few weeks of previews from the Orbx team, the latest update to Hollywood Burbank (KBUR) has been made available.

Developed by Matteo Veneziani, Hollywood Burbank Airport v2 is the result of 18-months of learning and listening to customer feedback from the previous version. Matteo no longer relies on default textures for the ground poly and an all-new custom high-quality texture set is used instead. There are also new library objects which can be controlled by the Control Panel in Orbx Central.

Hollywood Burbank (KBUR) is a busy airport on the west coast of the US. It’s the closest airport to downtown LA and many of the major film studios, meaning plenty of business jets and regional airlines fly celebrities and executives to the area from across the US. It’s also a major cargo hub for the likes of FedEx and UPS, meaning there are plenty of reasons to visit Hollywood Burbank Airport. This is a great airport for those flying the 737 or A320 in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The new version of Hollywood Burbank is available free of charge to all customers who owned the original v1. You will need to download the update via your Orbx account. However, if you have yet to pick up the airport, you can do so from OrbxDirect for $26.72 AUD (approximately US$18.79 | €17,86 | £15.07, excluding taxes).