Landmarks Melbourne City Pack stands to enhance the Australian city of Melbourne with over 200 custom buildings and structures that develop the stock MSFS rendition to bring the cityscape to life. Melbourne is the fifth Australian city to receive the enhancement after Brisbane, Adelaide, Cairns and Sydney.

Melbourne is the capital of the State of Victoria in the southeast of the big red country. Home to over five million people, it is the second-most populous city in the whole of the continent of Oceania.

Areas that have received distinct development are in and around the central business district in the heart of the city which includes custom metro trains, animated hot air balloons that are only visible on warm, clear mornings as well as the custom port of Melbourne and industrial areas to the South.

Additionally, Orbx has included a multitude of items to bring the city to life including livestock such as racehorses on the famous Flemington and Moonee Valley racecourses, accurate and improved vegetation throughout the city and custom night lighting based on real-world photography to recreate the buzz of the city, late into the night.

Moving away from the city centre, Orbx has included further VFR reference points to enable accurate flying around the area, heliports and helipads up and down the Yarra River and at hospitals, police stations and ports.

No timeline for the release has been announced by the developer but the screenshot previews suggest that the release is imminent.

In terms of pricing, although nothing definitive has been mentioned, the majority of the ‘Landmarks’ series of releases sit around $17.39 AUD so one would suggest Melbourne would also be priced around the same.

Feature List

More than 200 custom buildings and structures.Detailed representation of the Port of Melbourne and adjacent industrial areas.Helipads on several rooftops, as well as on floating platforms along the Yarra River.Animated Hot Air Balloons north of the CBD, visible on mornings with clear weather.Animated CBD Metro trains on the viaduct between Flinders and Southern Cross stations.Animated racehorses on Moonee Valley and Flemington racecourse.Many enhancements to the city and surrounding areas: improved vegetation and building placements, marinas, tall powerline towers, etc.Precise placement of our custom landmarks within the simulator’s terrain and the city’s photogrammetry coverage.Custom night lighting based on real-world photography.Fully compatible with World Update 7 Australia.