Located in the southeast of the state of Alaska, USA, Yakutat airport serves the city of Yakutat which has no roadway connection with mainland USA. The airport was built to supplement the USAFs long-range capability during the Aleutian Islands campaign in 1942. In terms of airline operations today, the airport sees 737s operated by Alaska airlines to Cordova, Anchorage, Seattle, and Juneau, carrying around 12,000 passengers a year. The airport is rather busy with 68% of total aircraft movements, which hit around 20,000, coming from General Aviation.

Given the location and temperature, operating out of the airport can be difficult. It frequently gets below zero degrees with poor visibility, snow, rain, and sleet that can vary quickly which adds to the challenge of an approach.

Northern Sky Studio has recreated the two-runway airfield with great detail to include all custom 4K textured terminals, support buildings and ground clutter, including the main Alaska terminal, stores, and fuel bowsers. Moving around the airport, you will find ground vehicles, a static DC3 as well as the infamous Yakatut Jack statue.

You can purchase PAYA Yakutat for Microsoft Flight Simulator over on Orbx Central for around $12/€12/£10 Ex.VAT.

Feature List

The most detailed replica of airport buildings and vehiclesCustom surroundingsAll materials created for full PBRShading and occlusion (texture baking) effects on all airport buildingsHigh-resolution building texturesUse of native, highly efficient gITF modelsCustom orthophoto for the airport and surrounding areas