Northern Sky Studio took to the Orbx forums earlier this week to share the news that they are working on Lanai Airport (PHNY) for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Lanai Airport is located in Maui County in Hawaii and is the only airport on the island itself. Flights typically only fly to nearby locations such as Honolulu, Kahului and Molokai, but there are some general aviation and military flights that depart from the airport.

From what we can see from the previews, the airport will come with a highly detailed and immersive looking interior model. The surrounding areas and the included 3D objects also appear impressive from the previews we’ve seen so far.

The team is aware that the airport is represented in MSFS by another developer, they were keen to listen to requests from their fans to create the airport in “excellent quality for maximum immersion. Northern Sky Studio says that the airport will feature 99% of the real-world buildings.

No specific release date was mentioned, but they said they are targeting a June release. We’ll let you know when we learn more.