At FSElite, we are always looking to find cool new ways to engage with our community and find opportunities to innovate. When we launched (and relaunched) our new site, the idea was to be able to add cool new feature requests and ideas to help enhance how we deliver content to the flight simulation community. That’s why we’re excited to announce two new features that we believe are pretty unique in flight simulation media.

Introducing FSElite Desktop

We are no stranger to using applications in flight simulation and we’re now joining those ranks. Our new FSElite Desktop gives you instant access to the latest flight simulation news, reviews, previews and original content.

The new desktop application is currently a replication of our current online website, but it allows you to instantly load up our content without the fuss of a web browser. We have grander plans for it in the future, but it’s a starting point for us. As with the current website, you can access the latest content, sign into your myFSElite account and do everything else you currently can.

Some of you will still want to just browser via your favorite web device, but for those wanting it directly on your desktop, here’s the solution for you.

FSElite Desktop is compatible with Windows, Mac, and even Linux. You can download it now!

The link above will auto-detect your platform and download the correct installer. Otherwise, click here to find your specific installer.

Let us know what you think and if you have feedback. What would you like to see from a specific desktop application?

Audio Publishing

You may have already noticed that for the past week, we have been sneaking some new audio articles with our most recent publications. This brand new text-to-speech technology enables us to use AI to generate audio versions of our content. We know that some people would prefer to listen to articles rather than read them, which is why we’ve introduced our new Audio Publishing.

Moving forward, we’re aiming to have all ‘Content’ published on FSElite to come with an audio option. This is great as it means you can take our content on the go and simply listen to it. This is particularly cool for our lengthier articles such as the interview with the Head of Microsoft Flight Simulator Jorg Neumann we published the other day. The 24-minute audio piece has been listened to by thousands of you already with most of you listening to at least 68% of the clip.

We’re really happy with the quality and the initial feedback we’ve had since has been great.

By also adding Audio Publishing, we are able to bring you the latest news and content straight to your favorite podcasting platform. Simply search for FSElite on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, or Spotify, and follow us to get the latest flight simulation news straight to your earphones.

We’re on Spotify!

*Google Podcast is coming soon from the time of publication. Available on Spotify and Apple Podcast now.

More to Come

We haven’t finished yet. We have plenty more to come, but we’re still figuring out how to implement even more.

What do you think of these small new additions? What else can we do to help make our content more accessible to you? Are there other features you would like to see from us?

Start a conversation down below and let us know.