Scenery developer Pyreegue Dev Co has been working on Belfast as and when possible for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Belfast Aldergrove Airport (EGAA) is the next in a series of UK airports developed by the team, following the excellent Edinburgh Airport released last year.

In the latest series of previews, the team shared a number of videos that highlight some special new features coming to the airport product. The first video demonstrates a working VDGS that shows you what aircraft type you’re in and your proximity to the stand. The second and third videos highlight the effective use of PBR on the glass material of the airport’s terminal. We can also see that the performance is solid thanks to the FPS counter in the top-left.

In terms of when the airport will release, the developer says it will be sooner than later. Pyreegue Dev Co said, “the most important part of every airport, and also the most time-consuming one – the passenger terminal, is complete, which means we are not far from release.”

For those interested, the technology seen in the videos will be brought over to Pyreegue’s other airport products in due course.

The developer is located in Ukraine and has confirmed that following a challenging time, he and his family are safe.