Blue Bird Simulations has been previewing the 757 for Microsoft Flight Simulator for many months now, with each screenshot showcasing the ongoing development of the plane. Of course, with such an iconic plane in the works, anticipation for it is very high.

Over the past few days, Blue Bird Simulations has shared a handful of new previews for the Boeing 757 that they are working on. In the latest previews, the team had been working on testing the autoland functionality of the plane. The team said it “still lots of tweaks needed” but that the team are making good progress.

Back in July, we learned that the virtual cockpit was 90% complete with work still being made on the FMS. We also know that two variants of the 757 will be included in the initial release: the 757-200 and the 757-300. Both variants will come with Rolls Royce and Pratt and Whitney engines. Furthermore, we know that the passenger versions of the initial release will use CRT screens. A freighter version and upgraded flight deck layout will come in the future.

This is a plane we’re keeping a close eye on and you should too. We’ll keep you updated with future progress as we learn more.