A video from Navigraph has been shared that reveals a little more about the new IFR features that will ship with the upcoming ‘Charts 8’ update from the team.

The new video, which is only a few minutes long, does a very quick overview of some of the new features that will be of interest to IFR pilots. To begin, there is a new IFR flight planning tool that allows you to create a route from departure to arrival, using the latest routes and procedures at the airports. A new route calculation tool will also aid in this. The new tool will also use the data to pick a more accurate procedure selector for both the SID and the STAR. Speaking of, SIDs and STARs are now more visual than ever.

The UI itself is also vastly improved, with many new map filters and options giving you more insight into what’s around you as you fly. On the ground, a new dynamic airport diagram will help you navigate with ease. Those who learn through visuals will be pleased to know that some airport charts now come with photographic airport familiarisation.

There are a few other cool snippets presented in the video. These new features, alongside the ones we saw for VFR demonstrate the continued efforts by the Navigraph team to make charts and nav data easier to understand and use for the whole flight simulation community.

Navigraph’s Charts 8 is in beta testing and we’re keen to get our hands on it.