Every year the team at Navigraph work hard to create their FlightSim Community Survey. The survey aims to answer questions about how you use your simulator, or what peripherals, aircraft and other tools you use. The survey also gives us an answer to what is perhaps the most burning question of all: which simulator is the most popular.

The results of this year (2022)’s community survey have now been published by the Navigraph team. The raw data, as well as a neatly compiled report are available for everyone to download and contains comparisons to last year’s community survey to see how the results have changed.

You can read the whole report for yourself, but we wanted to highlight a few results for you that we thought were interesting enough to share. For instance, only 18,5% of respondents owns an Xbox, and under half of that group uses it for flight simulators. Surely that should put certain rumours to bed.

When it comes to online networks, the survey shows that VATSIM has grown a little bit, mostly at the expense of IVAO. Volanta also saw some growth.

Last but not least, the survey shows that MSFS truly reigns with a much larger group of people saying it’s the simulator they use most of the time. X-Plane lost a little bit in popularity in that regard, and also sees its share of loyal users more divided over the recently released X-Plane 12 as well as the older X-Plane 11. Prepar3D v4 and v5 have quite significantly lost terrain, and the third place of most popular sim now goes to DCS.