After much anticipation, the talented team over at Navigraph has released their 8th rendition of the Charts app. Navigraph Charts 8 features a range of new as well as updated features.

Route planning has received a major overhaul. Not only is there a new visualisation for your planned route, but Charts 8 makes it easier than ever to create or change your route. You can drag and drop your route onto waypoints, having them quickly snap in place with a magnetic snap-to function. Procedure visualisation provides and easy way to give you an overview of available procedures for the runway or transition you’ve selected.

Airport and terminal charts are once again powered by Jeppesen. Charts can be pinned for quick access and also be visualised as an overlay on your planned route. New in Charts 8 are the VFR charts. Similar to IFR charts, VFR charts will show you procedures, waypoints and airspaces, but also landmarks such as roads, power lines, railways, churches and more. Moving maps, available for both IFR and VFR charts, helps you with procedures and taxiing by giving you a quick overview of where you are.

Charts 8 comes with even more new features: Seamless Zoom allows you to zoom in from a globe level down to airport level, showing you gates, buildings, stop lines and more. Autopinning Procedure Charts makes sure that you always have your procedure charts at hand. Airport Crosswind and Weather Info gives you an indicator of how favourable your selected runway is with the weather. And new Vector Charts aims to bring better performance and allows for decluttering charts, as well as enabling charts to rotate. And the Navigraph team is committed to bring even more features to the new Charts app, including traffic visualisation and chart annotations among other features.

Navigraph Charts 8 is available though the Navigraph Ultimate subscription, that also gives you access to Navdata. Navigraph Ultimate is available as a monthly subscription of €8,30 or a yearly subscription of €74,90.