For a while now, Navigraph Charts has proven to be one of the most useful tools in the flight simulation community. Being able to access charts on pretty much any device means that navigating airports and the skies is easier than ever. However, this hasn’t stopped Navigraph from building on the tool to make it even better.

Known as Navigraph Charts 8, the new update will add a range of exciting new features that many have been asking for. This includes VFR chart implementation, with visual reference points, flyways, avoid zones and much more. To also help with VFR navigation, there are new data layers with terrain, roads, railroads, landmarks, etc.

The new Navigraph Charts will also come with 3D globe projection, improved airspace visualisation, and also airport weather and runway winds. The short teaser video below gives you a good idea of what to expect with Navigraph Charts 8, particularly with the new VFR features.

Navigraph says that the new chart system is being tested with over 1000 users and they are putting it through its paces. More information on an exact initial release will be coming soon.

Navigraph Charts 8 Features

All basic functionality in the existing Charts apps, plus…VFR charts with visual reporting points, entry/exit routes, patterns, transition routes, flyways, avoid-overflying zonesNew data layers with terrain, roads, railroads, landmarks, obstacles, high pointsData driven charts with 3D globe projection, with items configurable and seamless zoom down to airport/taxiway/gate level, and support for track-up moving mapsImproved airspace visualization with clearer altitude restrictionsPinboards with auto-pinning of procedure chartsDrag-and-drop route constructionAirport weather (METAR/TAF) and runway winds