Microsoft has issued a new development update regarding MSFS. In the development update, Jorg announced that the team has made the difficult decision to delay Sim Update 10. The update is delayed with an estimated two weeks to allow the team to resolve issues that have appeared in SU10, particularly issues concerning performance on the PC. Sim Update 10 was originally slated for an August release, but the expected release has now been set for mid-September.

Sim Update 10 is highly anticipated by the community due to the slew of new features and enhancements that will come with it. These included DirectX 12 enhancements for better performance and graphic fidelty, but also new developer API’s for terrain and weather radar drawing.

During the developer Q&A, which was held over on Twitch, several other interesting announcements were made. First of all, the team has announced the location of upcoming World Update 11, which will focus on Canada. World Update 11 is currently set for a release in late September.

Another interesting announcement in regard to MSFS for the Xbox was made by Jorg. It has long been known how WASM is a limiting factor for bringing aircraft to the Xbox. In an effort to overcome this limitation and bring more aircraft to the Xbox, the team is working on an Xbox solution for WASM. This solution is almost finished, and is currently scheduled to be included with Sim Update 11.