In Microsoft Flight Simulator’s lated Feature Discovery Series, one of Working Title Simulation’s founders, Matt Nischan, gives a feature presentation of their Garmin G1000 NXi. The G1000 NXi is an enhanced simulation of the default G1000 in MSFS, and will be included in default planes in Sim Update 10. You can already get started with the G1000 NXi by downloading it from the in-game marketplace where the add-on is available for free.

Autopilot + LNAV

The G1000 NXi adds numerous autopilot modes to the simulator, which will now arm instead of becoming outright active. It also features a real time flight plan path vectorisation system that can be accessed by third party developers. The path vectorisation system includes curved paths, RF legs and DME arcs. Full manual sequence leg support, like you might get during departure or arrival procedures, is also available.


The G1000 NXi features a fully coupled VNAV capability that allows you to fly a complete procedure based vertical profile from the sims navdata. The NXi also allows for manually defined altitude constraints. Furthermore, the vertical profile is calculated through every turn in attempt to avoid jerky VNAV.


The NXi supports the usual radio based approaches, but also includes a complete RNAV simulation: LP, LPV, LNAV/VNAV, LNAV and even Garmin+V coupled advisory vertical guidance. In addition, the NXi supports a brand new feature added to the real G1000 NXi: visual approach procedures. These allow you to create an autopilot approach procedure into an airport that normally doesn’t have any official IFR procedures. Last but not least, vectors to final allow you to activate vectors approaches as might be instructed by ATC.


The EIDS has been recreated with as much visual accuracy as possible. The NXi also adds several new pages, such as an EIS systems page and an EIS lean page with lean assist.

And much more

Above is just a small description of some of the features included in the G1000 NXi. Other included features are NextRad satellite weather, METAR reports, HSI moving map, procedure previews, user customisation and settings and much more. The video also includes a handy section to help you transition to all the new features available in the G1000 NXi.