Scenery developers MK Studios have released a further batch of teaser images of their updated Dublin scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator, Dublin V2.

Since announcing the project in August, the team at MK Studios have certainly been busy with a whole host of other scenery announcements and releases away from Dublin.

The team missed their initial release date of October 2022, which they said would coincide with Vatsim’s Cross The Pond event.

However, in an update on their Facebook page, the team have posted three new pictures that show the progress they have made with their revamped scenery.

Images of two hangars at the airfield and reworked stand markings are all that simmers are getting for now.

MK Studios promised a “brand new Dublin v2” with “totally redone ground, a new layout, textures, and buildings”, noticeably implementing the depiction of Dublin’s newest runway; 28R/10L.

FSElite will bring you further updates when they become available.