After their Dublin and Cork releases, MK-Studios has released yet another Irish airport: Shannon Airport (EINN). Called Aerfort na Sionainne in Irish, the airport is the third busiest airport of Ireland. It sees a limited number of airlines with passenger destinations mostly in the United Kingdom and mainland Europe. It also has several cargo destinations that take you a bit further over the globe, with destinations in Eurasia and North America.

MK-Studios’ rendition of the airport comes with several features. Of course the airport itself has been recreated in high quality. The team has also included satellite coverage around the airport. The terminal itself comes with interior, and in the previews we can see details such as landside traffic signs and ground clutter and vehicles. MK-Studios’ Shannon Airport is available for $19.95 AUD through Orbx Direct.


High-quality rendition of Shannon Airport EINNUp to date ground layoutRealistic night lightningSatellite coverage around the airportDetailed mesh for the airports’ area