Scenery developer has had a busy few weeks as they in the process of releasing numerous airports for Microsoft Flight Simulator and Prepar3D. The first of those is San Sebastian for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

San Sebastian Airport for MSFS

San Sebastian Airport (LESO) sits on the Spanish-French border and provides simmers with a challenging approach. The nearby high terrain and water trailing at either end of the short runway mean you must carefully plan your landing at the airport. Airlines such as Vueling, Iberia and Binter Canarias offer regular flights to the airport.

MK-Studios say that the airport is very detailed and comes with PBR texturing. The airport terminal has a simplified interior model, whilst the surrounding area is detailed to provide a sense of life. The runway profile has been crafted to match real-world data.

You can buy San Sebastian (LESO) from either Orbx ($19.95 AUD) or from SIMMARKET (€15.00).

Key Features

San Sebastian Airport in very detailed renditionHigh-quality PBR texturingRecreated surroundings and shorelineRunway profileMeshSimplified terminal interior

Tenerife South and North for MSFS

Those of you waiting to fly to the Canary Islands in the simulator will be pleased to learn that both Tenerife North (GCXO) and Tenerife South (GCTS) airports are soon to be released for Microsoft Flight Simulator. MK-Studios has also confirmed that both airports are included in a single package.

MK-Studios said that Tenerife South and North will be discounted for current Prepar3D customers and that it will release in just a few days.

Porto for Prepar3D

Finally, the team said that Porto Airport (LPPR) for Prepar3D will follow a few days after Tenerife is released for MSFS. No concrete details were shared, but this will please those awaiting the chance to visit the Portuguese city.


Don’t forget, MK-Studios has also been behind the recently announced AirportSim. Check out our coverage on the new way to handle aircraft as a ground handler.