Miltech Simulations has issued the first update for their recently released MV-22B Osprey. The update, which goes by V1.0.1, fixes several issues with the plane. It fixes several texture issues, some system issues have been resolved and there are also a few changes to the flight dynamics. The update is available through Orbx Direct.


Texturing Improvements (Interior)

Liveries tweaks for quality and realism

Engine overtoque under normal flight condition

Interim power (PFD/FLIR) now has colored visual queues to avoid overstressing the engine (blinking red for caution, yellow for high RPM, green for normal)-

Adjustments to how torque/throttle kicks in (instead of a sudden kick of power at around 50% torque)

APU Coming up too fast (adding a delay of a few seconds)

Flapaileron Animations Fixed

Aircraft suddenly drops several thousand feet (when converting above 8000ft)/problems with Conversion operations/takeoff at altitudes greater than 8000ft.

Aircraft accelerates as pitch angle is increased

Oil Temps drop with engines running from 270deg Celsius

Adjustment to Instrument view to make APU accessible