Developer Miltech has released its most ambitious project yet; the MV-22B Osprey for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

As we said before, the Osprey is a tiltlrotor aircraft mainly in use with the United States military, with several branches using the aircraft. It’s also in use by the Japanese Self-Defence Forces, and India, Indonesia and Israel have all shown interest or signed contracts to start using the aircraft as well.

The plane has a unique and distinctive look with its tilting rotors mounted on the ends of the wings. The plane features both VTOL and STOL capabilities, and combines helicopter capabilities with those of more conventional turboprop aircraft.

When it comes to the aircraft systems, all instruments have been custom coded. The nacelles feature a realistic manual operation, there is a full simulation of the blade fold and wing stow, and the aircraft features an auto-hover capability, as well as auto-flaps and a custom auto pilot. VTOL and STOL flight dynamics have been realistically created. Also simulated is vortex ring state including a realistic simulation of VRS recovery manoeuvres.

If you’re still on the fence, why not watch the official video trailer which will give you a deeper insight into the plane itself.

You can buy the Miltech MV-22B Osprey for Microsoft Flight Simulator now from Orbx for $51.35 AUD.