If you’re looking to add more types of AI to your copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator, then Military AI Works may have the solution for you. The team are building and creating a package that brings native military AI aircraft to the world of MSFS.

On their website, they have shared the first images of the product in action. John Young and Pete Beeby have been working for months on producing a solid process to convert old FSX AI aircraft to native models for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Each of the models is now fully native to the MSFS gITF format and comes complete with PBR texturing.

The team said on their website that they expect a release in the coming weeks. “We have now started integrating the model and textures into a first package, which will feature the F-35A’s from the 495th fighter squadron at RAF Lakenheath. The package will complement Ian McCartney’s superb RAF Lakenheath scenery, which will be updated by Ian to accommodate the AI traffic package. When the integration is complete, we still need to run an internal beta test but we expect a release in the coming weeks.

This AI package would nicely compliment the work coming from Just Flight and their FS Traffic that was previewed yesterday.