In the latest development blog post from the Microsoft Flight Simulator team, the next Sim Update is now due for a release on August 23rd 2022.

Initially, the team had planned to release Sim Update 10 in the middle of July, but these plans have seemingly changed. The news comes from the new development roadmap issued on the blog earlier today.

Sim Update 10 promises to be relatively large in terms of scope, with planned features including terrain & weather radar drawing APIs for developers, DLSS and much more.

August 23rd 2022 will be a big day for updates and releases for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Both Famous Flyer III and Local Legend VI are both due to be released on the same day.

As for what to expect before Sim Update 10, we are due to get World Update X and Local Legend V on the 14th of June 2022. Right now, both of those are shrouded in secrecy, but the upcoming Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase happening just a few days before, we will learn more about those updates at that time.