Scenery developer David Rosenfeld has updated his Ben Gurion Airport scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Ben Gurion Airport (LLBG, Tel Aviv) is located in Israel and serves as the largest airport in the region.

The changelog provided by David on his Facebook page indicated that the update comes with new animated passengers, WigWags and also the use of the new Aerosoft VDGS. There’s more, but the exact details were not specified. Some images of the update were provided.

The update, for those who own the product, can be downloaded via the Aerosoft ONE application.

Developed by David Rosenfeld, the airport is a faithful recreation of the airport with the latest layout used as a reference. David has included highly detailed modelling of the airport terminals, custom high-resolution textures and also use of a custom animated jetway system for all gates. In addition, he has added seasonal ground textures that are 20cm in resolution. Despite the details, it’s said to be well optimised for a smooth experience.

If you don’t already own Mega Airport Ben Gurion Airport, then you can buy it now from Aerosoft for €18.00.


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