At long last, Marwan Gharib has released the HJet HA420 for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Developer Marwan Gharib has been working on the HJet for Microsoft Flight Simulator for the best part of three years and decided to work with FlightFX for publication duties. The partnership aligns with the vision of both parties as it allows the aircraft to be brought to market quickly and dovetails nicely with FlightFX/Volctech’s upcoming Vision Jet release.

Produced by Honda Aircraft Company in the US, the plane can carry up to seven passengers over 1,200nm at a maximum speed of 0.70 Mach. The HJet can easily reach altitudes up to 43,000ft, meaning you’ll get some stunning views are you take the twin-engine private jet around the world.

The small unique aircraft comes fitted with a bunch of features to make the experience fun. Included is a full electrical and fuel system that is custom built to behave as it does in the real-plane. There’s also a functioning custom G3000 unit that allows you to control various elements of the plane, including using it to interact with the plane itself. This means you can turn off lighting, go through the checklists and also load your payload within the plane.

You can buy the HJET from the in-sim Marketplace for $24.99 on both PC and Xbox.


Electrical system that reacts appropriately to different load scenariosFuel system that reacts automatically to fuel imbalances and switches the source tanks in correct sequencesCustom coded HVAC logicAutomated hydraulic systemCustom built, automated anti-ice system with visual icingFully automated pressurization systemFunctioning fire panel with audio warnings and CAS messagesUnique displays and autopilot functionality:Custom G3000 touch screen controller that allows you to control the lighting, checklist, v-speeds, static elements, loading, cargo and more.Coupled VNAV (requires WT G3000)Custom PFD/MFD/Engine displayCustom PFD crew alert systemCSC systemFully automated external lighting systemControllable and dimmable internal lighting