Developer Majestic Software, known for their renowned Q400 for Prepar3D, has at long last confirmed development of their products for Microsoft Flight Simulator. In a statement made on their forums the team confirms that after two years of MSFS, and continued updates to the simulator and the SDK, they are finally able to progress with bringing their plane(s) to this platform. The Q400 is currently being ported over to MSFS, although the code for gauges and systems has to be completely rewritten. The team is hesitant to provide a timeline at this point of development, but the post does state that Alpha testing of the Q400 will not be started until the rewrite process has been completed.

The Majestic Software team has also previously announced a Q300 (v2). This project will be done from scratch for MSFS. However, this process will not start until the Q400 has been successfully ported over.

Last but not least, the team also made a statement regarding Prepar3D and continued development for this platform. Though the team is currently still supporting 32-bit platforms FSX and P3Dv3, the Majestic team has made it clear that further development for these platforms will no longer be done. Prepar3D v4 and v5 will continue to be supported although new development, such as additional features, will not be done. The virtual cockpit update that was promised a while back is still under development and will be completed for P3D. The team also stated that future P3D support will most likely depend upon customer demand.