Developer Lunar Simulations has recently announced a new freeware Boeing 767 for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Announced on the Microsoft Flight Simulator forums, this new B767 has been in development since October 2021, with its current state in a position to be able to showcase some cockpit progress photos.

The Lunar Simulations B767 will be integrated with the Salty Simulations mod to allow the autopilot to function well and will have a fully custom PFD, upper and bottom EICAS, and many other elements of the cockpit animated. Other features will include a realistic flight model, a high-quality 3D cockpit and exterior, high-resolution textures, a custom EFB, accurate performance data, realistic systems and avionics, fully custom sounds, effects and more.

According to their Discord server, the 767 being developed will be the Boeing 767-300ER with Pratt & Whitney engines.

There is no release date or timeline for the Lunar Simulations Boeing 767-300ER for Microsoft Flight Simulator confirmed as of yet but make sure to stay tuned to FSElite for further updates.