Stefano from the Leonardo Softhouse team has taken to their forums to share the news that a new update for the Fly the Maddog X will be released on December 23rd.

The full changelog is down below, but the new free update continues to close the gap between the MSFS and P3D versions even more. For example, this new update allows users to now choose the Canadian Marconi with PMS navigation system as an alternative to the classic Honeywell FMS suite.

In addition to the new features, there have been plenty of bug-fixing happening too. Issues with CPDLC not working have been resolved, along with FMS procedures with consecutive DME arcs have now been fixed. The full changelog is below.

This new update will be free of charge for all customers and can be picked up as of December 23rd 2022.

The Fly the Maddog X for Microsoft Flight Simulator is a recreation of the MD-80 and comes with a range of features to make this an immersive and high-fidelity experience. You can buy it from SIMMARKET for €75.00.




Added option for EPR SEL in TRP


Fixed issue in fms procedures with two consecutive dme arcs

Fixed issue with brakes remain engaged if autobrake disable by switching it off (not touching the pedals)

Fixed issue in updating FMS #2 when tipying on the scratch pad

Fixed free text not working in CPDLC

Fixed issue with PDC

Fixed issue of MDClient when running (but flying another addon), in certain cases would not permit the other addon CPDLC to work correctly

Fixed issue which prevent, in certain cases, from receiving Hoppie telex messages (in any case auto white list must be off to receive message from stations not previously contacted)


Fixed issue of misplaced plug in the GPU cable on aircraft side


When selecting data client to ‘None’ METARs are now still available

MDClient is not installed anymore as a startup app, but it starts automatically when MSFS starts

‘Ready at gate’ now use APU for power to avoid issues with GPU when using GSX

Added option for takeoff CLAMP filter in LM SIMULATOR settings page


Updated Quick Guide and User Manual