LatinVFR is back with another aircraft, following the release of various scenery and utility products for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This time, the team are bringing the Airbus A319 to the simulator. In a similar fashion to that of their A321neo, the Airbus A319 is not a study level or high fidelity add-on.

When it’s made available through the in-sim Marketplace, it will come with 4 versions: A319CFM, A319 IAE, A319CJ CFM/IAE. As with the A321neo, it will also use the aircraft systems from the default A320, but will customise the weights, engine power, fuel capacity and a few other factors.

From the previews shared on their Facebook page, a number of liveries will be included. Such liveries include Air Canada, Volotea, ITA Airways, American Airlines (PSA), and easyJet.

The new trailer from AviationLads will give you a good idea of what to expect from the plane when it releases.

LatinVFR has confirmed that the Airbus A319 will be heading to the in-sim Marketplace for both PC and Xbox soon.