SimWorks Studios has updated their Kodiak 100 aircraft on Microsoft Flight Simulator. The new update brings the plane to version 1.20 and adds a number of improvements to the Kodiak 100 Series II.

The new update focuses heavily on an improved engine simulation for the aircraft. SimWorks Studios has implemented new engine hot starts, ITT logic and also fatigue persistence. Whatsmore, the aircraft’s engine will also fail due to overstress, overheating or general abuse. This means you will need to take care of the engine or else you may have a situation on your hands.

In addition to the improved engine simulation, SimWorks Studios has added a range of other improvements. A new ESP system has been added, along with new fuel starvation when flying at 0G or less. If you use VR, you will be pleased to hear that touch controller support has also been added. There are other small changes such as new PFD and MFD camera, typo fixes and also missing sounds added.

The update is free of charge for all owners of the Kodiak 100. You can get the update from wherever you made the original purchase.

Changelog of Kodiak 100 Series II v1.2.0:

Fixed missing Ignition switch soundFixed bug where aircraft noses down when autopilot disengagesFixed typo in units of flap autotrim systemAdded TAWS INH annunciation on PFDModified TAWS TEST warning to not play if TAWS INHIBIT is onCorrected idle fuel flow and improved consumption at lower endsImplemented custom ITT logicImplemented engine hot startsImplemented engine failure due to overstress, overtorque, overheatImplemented starter failures over time or with abuse.Implemented fatigue persistence for engine and starterSpecified 0 heaters in pilot AC zoneCorrected AC temperature initialisationAdded ESP systemAdded fuel starvation when flying at 0G or lessFixed propeller drag and speeds at lower end of spectrumCorrected Air Conditioning initialisation temperaturesFixed wing leveller functionalityAdded VR touch controller supportCreated PFD & MFD camerasFixed some duplicates and errors in some cfg filesCode cleanups