Vintage jetliner fans have received an update on the upcoming Fokker 28 Fellowship by JustFlight in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

In a development update, the team say ‘extensive upgrades’ have been made to the cockpit of the iconic jet aircraft that first took to the skies in 1967.

Additionally, the team announced that due to the varied configuration of the jets in the real world, they have based their simulation on an aircraft the team visited at the Fokker Technical College, in an attempt to provide ‘the most authentic environment possible’.

In their announcement, the team revealed the ‘artists have upgraded the visual fidelity of every area of the cockpit and are now working on even higher texture resolution for pin-sharp clarity.’

To compound their desire for realism in the flight deck, the developers say their team of testers including F28 flight, engineering and training crew, have been ‘checking over every inch of the cockpit as development work progresses.’