As Just Flight’s highly anticipated AI traffic product for MSFS, FS Traffic, nears release, the developer took the opportunity to provide another development update and new screenshots of the product in action.

FS Traffic aims to be Just Flight’s most realistic and immersive AI traffic product while maintaining high FPS. The package will feature 48 aircraft models, over 700 airline liveries, and flight plan data from the past three years.

In this latest development update, Just Flight stated that they have a “solid build” of FS Traffic as the product is running with all of the key functionalities in the simulator and Traffic Control Centre app. The beta testing teams have received this latest build, and the development team is now focused on addressing any bugs or missing features in this latest build.

In addition, the team shared that the AI traffic now features the key animations and effects, including contrails, flaps and thrust reversers deployment, and wheel rotation. Finally, with the release of Sim Update 11, Just Flight has noticed improved taxi and takeoff behaviors in the AI traffic. However, there are some new issues that Just Flight is trying to iron out before the release of FS Traffic and has reported these AI-related issues to Asobo/Microsoft. While Just Flight has still not provided a release date, this development update and screenshots indicate that the team is making good progress on the product and that a release is nearing.

FSElite will continue to monitor the development of FS Traffic and share any updates that may be provided.