Earlier this week, Just Flight shared a development update for their Fokker F28 Fellowship for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Since the last update in October, the development team have been busy adding the finishing touches to the exterior modelling and texturing of the aircraft. Other additions since the last update include fully working passenger doors, cargo doors, safety cones and wheel chocks. Just Flight mention that the majority of the visual work is very much complete and is now simply undergoing further testing.

Just Flight also mentions that the aircraft is now in a flyable state with all animations, cockpit instrumentation, annunciators, and basic systems now working and that the aircraft has been handed over to its flight model and sound developers. Extensive coding work on the F28’s unique systems is also in progress with the team collaborating with ex-F28 pilots, training and engineering crews to make this as authentic an experience as possible.

Once the flight model, sounds and systems are complete Just Flight aims to release some videos showcasing these features.

There is still no release date confirmed as of yet but make sure to stay tuned to FSElite for further updates.