Just Flight has released a new enhancement mod for the default Cessna 172SP (standard, float plane and ski plane) included in the Premium and Premium Deluxe versions of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

This new enhancement mod promises to boost the realism within the default Cessna 172SP, with enhancements to the electrical system such as fully functional circuit breakers and dynamic battery voltages. Even engine wear and tear is simulated which could have consequences over time if the aircraft is not looked after. Inside the cockpit, users will find enhanced instruments which include a custom-coded KAP140 autopilot that adds many missing features. The PMS GNS 530/430 is included and some nifty additions such as working cabin heat/defrost, vibrating gauge needles and custom lighting throughout that even dims if the voltage is low.

It is worth noting again that unfortunately, this enhancement mod is only available to those users who purchased the Premium or Premium Deluxe version of MSFS. Hopefully, we can see more enhancement packages like this for the Standard version of MSFS.

You can purchase the Cessna 172SP Classic Enhancement mod from the Just Flight website for £14.99.


Electrical system

Dynamic battery voltage dropCorrect ammeter displayExternal charging availableAccurately working relaysBattery amperage subject to temperaturesFunctional circuit breakers, which may trip from faulty equipment

Cockpit and equipment

Optional state saving with 90+ points being saved so that your plane will be just as you left itGyro spin-up animationsCustom lighting throughout dims if the voltage is lowGauge needles subject to engine vibrationsADF needle subject to noiseADF needle instrument upgraded to the KI 227-01, which slaves the ADF card to the directional gyroWorking cabin heat/defrostFully functional M803 clock, including settable FT alarm and ET countdown modeOperational MD-41 GPS annunciatorPMS GNS 530/430 includedCustom-coded KAP140 autopilot corrects and adds a lot of missing features including accurate hold altitude, functional ALT arming, 20ft altitude adjustments and aural alertingEnhanced KT76 transponder, with dynamic radar pings and correct dimming functionKR87 ADF with proper testing feature and audible ET countdown alarmAll Bendix units feature an accurate font, and the KAP140 and KR87 have auto-dimming displays

Engine wear and tear

Spark plug foulingGeneral engine wearFunctional engine primingStarter overheatingOil usage


Everything simulated may have consequences if not maintained. From gradual power loss as the hours accumulate, fouled plugs and engine failure from lack of oil, to the struts getting ripped from the fuselage from too many hard landings.