Just Flight announced a major update for their beloved 146 Professional that includes an upgraded EFB, improved flight model, and better performance. Simmers can expect a release date sometime in September.

Just Flight’s 146 Professional for Microsoft Flight Simulator is a true-to-life simulation of the British Aerospace 146. The airplane add-on is enjoyed by many simmers due to the unique nature of the 146 as a quirky regional jet. As such, many simmers will be happy to hear that Just Flight will release an update soon that will make the aircraft even more enjoyable to fly.

Just Flight’s update will include an upgraded EFB tablet that will now have interactive checklists, a top-of-descent calculator, an improved Navigraph charts screen, and METARs based on your SimBrief OFP. They also announced that they are working on a dynamic CG chart, a reduced/flexible thrust calculator, and a take-off/landing distance calculator. Check out some screenshots highlighting some of these features below.

In addition to EFB upgrades, Just Flight also included general improvements like higher resolution annunciators, better FPS, and flight model tweaks. Finally, they also stated that they are making great progress on their custom FMS, which they hope to preview soon.