Adrenaline junkies, helicopter pilots and bush flyers… pack your virtual suitcases, get those cameras ready and head to the spectacular Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, thanks to Jeppeson2001’s latest release.

Situated on the Zambezi River in Southern Africa, Victoria Falls is one of the largest waterfalls in the world and boasts stunning views and a plethora of thrill-seeking adventures.

Now in Microsoft Flight Simulator, the scenery comes jam-packed with intricate details, making the falls a must-visit for sim pilots. Among some of the features of the scenery include fully-animated bungee-jumpers, African wildlife and even white-water rafters along it’s 30km of animated rapids.

As in reality, the area around the waterfall is littered with various heliports and dirt strips, meaning there’s no shortage of different sorties sim pilots can choose from. Furthermore, be sure to check the boards at some of the airstrips and heliports for route maps of tours you can recreate in the simulator.

You can purchase a copy of Jeppeson2001’s Victoria Falls Scenery at for EUR 14.00 (excluding VAT).


Victoria Falls – animated with sounds & mist effects 

4 bush strips

6 Heliports with multiple starting spots

30 landable Helipads in total

Additional remote Helipads along the Zambezi River

Victoria Falls Bridge with animated bungee jumper

Animated Microlight, Speedboat, Raft, & Cable Car

Animated rapids along a 23 mile (37kms) stretch of the Batoka Gorge ( Zambezi River)

Animated hangar doors and Heli Mover at Elephant Hills Heliport

Modelled River boats & tourist hotels

Airstrips & Heliports List:


​Kazungula Airfield (ZW54) 3,343ft Dirt Runway, 2 Parking spots & 3 Helipads – Home to MJAir Helicopters

Elephant Hills Heliport (ZW55) 3 Helipads – Home to The Zambezi Helicopter Company

Chikopokopo Heliport (ZW56) 2 Helipads – Home to Chikopokopo Helicopters

Masuwe Heliport (ZW57) 6 Helipads – Home to Bonisair Helicopter Company

Big Four Heliport (ZW59) 1 Helipad – Home to Big Four African Hunting Safaris

River Rapids 19 (ZW61) 1 Helipad – White Water Rafting pick-up & Drop-off spot.


Rapids 10 – Gnashing Jaws Of Death Rapid (ZM10) 1 Helipad – White Water Rafting Picnic Spot & Pick-up & Drop-off zone.

Taita Falcon Lodge (ZM17) 1 Helipad 

Jet Extreme Boats Camp (ZM15) 1 Helipad – Home to Jet Extreme Boats, Cable car to beach and Jetboat 

Rapids 19 River Bushcamp (ZM19) 1 Helipad – White Water Rafting pick-up & Drop-off spot.

Baobab Camp Airfield (ZM34) 3,281ft Dirt Runway, 2 parking Spots – Home to United Air Charter 

Batoka Airfield & Heliport (ZM35) 1,482ft & 1,153ft Dirt Runways, 2 parking spots, 4 helipads – Home to Batoka Sky

Boabab Camp Heliport (ZM41) 2 Helipads – Home to United Air Charter Helicopters

Maramba River Airfield (ZM42) 984ft Dirt Runway, 1 parking spot.