Scenery developer SceneryTR Design has released Istanbul Airport (LTFM) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The new airport product is a replica of the main international airport in Turkey, which replaced the old Ataturk Airport.

The airport itself is huge, with the ability to host over 200 million passengers a year once fully opened. Istanbul Airport has 5 parallel runways, a large number of gates and a vast amount of room for all types of aircraft.

SceneryTR Design says that the product comes with custom jetways, ground texturing and many original 3D buildings. The airport has also been flattened to seamlessly blend in with the nearby scenery.

Istanbul Airport (LTFM) is available now only through the in-sim Marketplace for $15.99.


Detailed virtual replica of the airport buildings and its surroundingsCustom animated jetwaysCustom ground textures, detailed markingsCustom taxiway signsCustom airport vehicles, static objects, animations and effectsFlattened airport area