A new Greek airport is available to buy for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Developer RealTurb has released Ioannina Airport (LGIO) and offers simmers a chance to see the Greek city.

The airport has been built following the new terminal which finally came into service as of 2019. It features a single 2400m runway but offers a challenge for pilots due to the fact there is no precision approach available. During the approach, you will fly over the city itself, nearby lakes and you will have to be mindful of the local high terrain.

RealTurb has included a number of features with the airport, including PBR texturing, custom made ground markings and also accurate terraforming terrain to match the real world airport. Furthermore, it also includes accurate night lighting, correct parking stand information and allows you to toggle on/off airport services via a configurator tool.

You can buy RealTurb’s Ioannina Airport from SIMMARKET. It is currently on sale until November 5th, meaning you can pick it up for 10% off. The usual price is €7.00. If you own the Prepar3D version, you can upgrade for €5.00.


PBR materialsCustom made apron lightsCustom made ground markingsCustom made airport perimeter fenceTerraformed terrain to allow sloping terminal area/car parking areasParking stand airport services adjusted for more realistic resultsIoannina new terminal (Delivered in 2019)Scenery Configurator (Allowing ON/OFF control for parking stands airport services)