A new flight simulation company called simpleFCU has appeared and its goal is to produce affordable autopilot modules for the flight simulation community.

simpleFCU’s first product is an Airbus-style autopilot deck. You can ditch the keyboard and mouse to control your autopilot and use this creative new desktop box to control those functions.

This brand new piece of hardware comes in two parts: the first part is an at-home 3D printed module. You will be able to print out various switches and buttons and customise them to your needs. The second module is then sent to you in the post to then assemble yourself. simpleFCU says this provides greater customisation and can then be used for a variety of projects.

If you’re wondering how this all works, it communicates via Arduino MEGA and MobiFlight software with the WASM module installed for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This module is able to sync the relevant data with the SimpleFCU displays, buttons and LEDs. Right now, it’s functional with the FlyByWire A32NX. If you’re after a more Boeing-style, then this is in the works.

As of right now, the company has a fully working prototype model, which is being finalised. After that, pre-orders are expected to launch in May, with a starter price of $149.00 (plus shipping).

From the press release:

Experience a new era of being a virtual captain. No more mouse scrolling in the cockpit. Have a full control in any situation, anytime.

SimpleFCU features 4 amber seven segment displays. These are designed for optimal performance, and the intensity of backlight can be easily set within the MobiFlight software.

Thanks to 7 Korry type Dual LED switches and 4 Push & Pull modules, you are the pilot in command. 5 more LEDs are designed for improved indication of Flight Director, Landing Gear and Parking brake. On top of all these features, SPD/MACH hardware switch is still available.

A full FAQ list can be found here for any further questions.

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