iniScene has released version 2 of their popular London Heathrow (EGLL) scenery. Upon initial release of version 1, there was a bit of criticism from the community about the lack of certain features and the performance. Although the iniScene team has since then issued numerous updates to the scenery in order to solve some of the issues raised by the users, version 2 is a major update including many fixes and new features.

One of the biggest new features of version 2 of the scenery is the inclusion of terminal interior in several terminals. Several improvements have been made to terminal geometries and night lighting. Other areas of improvement have been taxiways, details to the apron area and more. Of course performance has been a big focus point as well and version 2 should see improvements in this area too. The full changelog can be found at the end of this post.

iniScene’s London Heathrow v2 is available for free for all current owners of the scenery, and can be downloaded from the iniManager. If you do not yet own iniScene’s London Heathrow scenery, you can purchase it for £15.29 from the iniBuilds store.


Work conducted on improving performanceHilton Garden Inn bug fixTerminal 2b emissive improvementsTerminal 5a detailed interior and improved night lightingTerminal 2 limited interior and improved night lightingTerminal 5b texture and geometry improvements, limited interior with improved night lightingTerminal 5c texture and geometry improvements, limited interior with improved night lightingVarious Vehicle Path decals addedVarious Taxi-way decals addedImprovements to T2 Construction AreaMinor Improvements to T3 Landside detailAdded custom Runway Exit Lighting (orange-green alternating)Added aprons and lines to Fire and Maintenance AreaAdded Landside detail for Cargo Terminal areaAdded lighting to T5 Industrial AreaChanged gate 236 to 237 (including signage etc)Yellow lines now sorted under runway markingsAdded double-white line around parking/taxi boundariesAdded parking position for G515 (fix for incorrect jetway being called at 516)Adjusted jetway rotation for G516 to prevent obstruction to VDGSAdded exclude under Concorde modelRework of airline gate allocation