Teased in iniBuilds July Dev Update, iniScene has released Hooper Heliport (58CA) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Hooper Heliport is used exclusively by the 16 helicopters patrolling the city for the Los Angeles Police Department. With the popularity gained by some helicopter add-ons currently available for the simulator, as well as the upcoming 40th Anniversary Edition that promises more flight dynamics for these type of aircraft, this scenery surely seems like a welcome addition.

iniScene’s rendition of the airport features a highly detailed rendition of the airport. It comes with parking places, helipads, some police station clutter (vehicles) and animated windsocks and flags. The scenery also features landmarks and helipads in the city itself for you to fly over, near or under, such as the LA Metro Headquarters helipad, Union Station, the San Bernadino and Cesar Chavez bridges and the rail yard adjacent to the airport. Furthermore, obstacles such as power lines around the heliport have also been modeled, enhancing the experience and realism of landing and taking off.

iniScene’s Hooper Heliport is available for £4.99 from the iniBuilds Store.


Highly detailed representation of Hooper Heliport, complete with 2 helipads (runway starts). 16 parking places (spawn points), detailed clutter, active windsocks/flags etc.Cesar Chavez and San Bernadino Fwy Bridges (fly under and landable)Metro HQ building with helipadRecreation of the adjacent railyard and train carriagesUnion Station modelledObstacles around the Heliport modelled