Following the announcement a few days ago, iniScene has released Detroit International Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Detroit International Airport (KDTW) is a large airport in the state of Michigan and serves as major hubs for Delta and Spirit Airlines. There’s a good range of international destination from Detroit, including many to Asia. Furthermore, there’s a huge domestic schedule that is done by a number of other airlines.

iniScene has included a range of features, including accurate airport lighting, hand-placed signage, clutter, and also custom ground decals that represent the airport correctly. The runways, aprons and paths are all custom-made with a bespoke set of texturing. Furthermore, you can find an animated fountain in McNamara Terminal, along with an animated train that passes through.

The airport has been designed using the latest SDK techniques to be as optimised as possible. If performance is a concern, iniScene has allowed users to configure the scenery using the iniManager. This will allow you to toggle on/off certain elements of the scenery to see what works best for you on your machine.

You can buy it now from the iniBuilds store for £17.99 (excluding taxes).


Hand-made ground textures with crisp, bespoke texture sets (Runways, aprons, paths, roads)

True-to-life airport land side recreation with custom ground decals, signposts, vegetation, parking barriers and more

Accurately modelled and positioned dynamic airport lighting

Hand-placed, high-definition vegetation, signage, ground clutter, vehicles, handling objects

Bespoke taxi signage as it is in the real world

Highly detailed models of all airport buildings, objects and surroundings

Detailed yet optimised, custom interior model for McNamara and Evans Terminals

Use of the latest MSFS SDK features to allow for the best optimisation and performance possible

Custom built jetways with realistic variations using PBR texturing and animations, including gate number toppers

Accurate logos, real-world decals and advertisements scattered throughout the airport to promote a true to life feeling

Hand-placed, airline-specific, bespoke ground service equipment placed accurately at each gate/terminal featuring hundreds of containers and dollies

Level of Detail (LOD) optimisation for every model to encourage the best performance possible

Animated train in the main McNamara Terminal, with closing and opening doors

Fully animated Laminar fountain within the McNamara Terminal

Custom, hand-placed de-icing static vehicles and ground service equipment at designated pads