In iniScene’s latest development update, iniBuild’s Ubaid has announced Ibiza Airport (LEIB) for MSFS. The announcement came coupled with a video, introducing us to the airport and some of the details and features we can come to expect from this scenery. These include a fully modelled interior, animated vegetation, accurate ground markings, rain effects, realistic night lighting and more. The video also shows a lot of clutter and vehicles everywhere, both on the air- and land-side. According to Ubaid’s statement, more information will be shared at a later date, though he did state that the scenery will be releasing this month.

After having released the airport for MSFS, Ubaid also announced that X-Plane will soon get treated with iniScene’s Buffalo Niagara (KBUF). Again no feature list was shared, though the trailer gives a pretty good idea of what we can expect for this scenery: SAM Jetways, accurate ground markings, a modelled landslide, modelled interior, custom ground equipment and more. The team will also include autogen for the area surrounding the airport. All that also comes with high quality models and textures as we have come to expect from iniScene. And with X-Plane 12 soon upon us, many will be happy to hear that Buffalo Niagara will be fully compatible with this latest upcoming version of the simulator. Not only that, but iniScene is working on a few more X-Plane products for this year which will also be compatible with XP12.

Both Ibiza and Buffalo Niagara are set to release soon. We will keep you up to date about any further information, release announcements and more.