One of the biggest airports in the world is being developed by iniScene for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Los Angeles International Airport (KLAX) is the third busiest airport in the world, seeing over 88 million passengers per year travel through its doors. It serves as a major gateway to the West Coast of the USA for both passenger and cargo operations.

Commonly referred to as LAX, the airport has four main runways and the capability to host all aircraft across its vast amount of apron space. New York, Honolulu and Chicago are the three busiest domestic routes, whilst London, Paris and Mexico City are the top international destinations from LAX. As you can see, the airport offers plenty of opportunities to see many parts of the world.

Building on lessons learned from creating another large airport, London Heathrow (EGLL), iniScene said that this will be a bespoke and accurately made rendition of Los Angeles Airport. The product will come with hand-made ground textures, detailed taxiway signage, custom built jetways, hand-placed models and so much more. The whole airport has been designed to give the best performance possible, whilst also including details such as interior modelling, custom ground service equipment and even smaller bits of attention to detail. Even the famous spotter location of the in-n-out Burger restaurant and care park has been recreated.

iniScene has been working with people at the airport to ensure that the airport is as true-to-form as possible. For those wondering, it has been based on how the airport is in early-mid 2022. LAX is undergoing lots of construction right now and the team said they are committed to updating the product as notable construction areas are finished.

No specific timeframe has been given at this time, but we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for more information. For now, check out the announcement trailer for Los Angeles Airport coming soon to Microsoft Flight Simulator.