iniScene has announced their next scenery project: Detroit Metro Wayne County (KDTW) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The team has taken the feedback from their previous scenery, Los Angeles LAX, very serious, and implemented some new features and improvements in Detroit. iniScene has included several new features in Detroit, such as an animated train in the McNamara terminal, a fully animated Laminar fountain and GSE de-icing statics. These can all be toggled on or off depending on your performance requirements.

The team did not yet share a release date, but the trailer and previews look very promising and we’ll keep you up to date.

iniScene EGLL and KLAX Update

The iniScene team is committed to all their releases, past and present. That’s why the team is happy to announce updates for London Heathrow and Los Angeles. The latter airport will soon receive an update that includes options to make the airport more performance friendly for those that have been struggling with this.

London Heathrow on the other hand will see some significant changes with the team re-working some parts of Terminal 5. The ground poly and textures will also receive an update to bring them more in line with Los Angeles and the just announced Detroit.

iniManager Scenery Options

As mentioned before, the iniScene team has taken the feedback to their previous releases very serious. One of the more often outspoken points of feedback was the ability to customise sceneries. Either for personal aesthetic preferences, or for performance reasons. The iniScene team has done exactly that, and added several options to their Detroit scenery. Customers can toggle static aircraft, people and winter equipment. Similar configuration options will be extended to Los Angeles and London Heathrow. It is good to note that this functionality is available only when you have purchased your product through the iniBuilds Store. The team has created an order transfer page where you can transfer your product to an iniBuilds Store one if you so desire.