iniBuilds released their P-40F WarHawk for Microsoft Flight Simulator only a few weeks ago, but they have already issued a number of updates to improve the aircraft.

These updates have been steadily coming out from the team, improving on the original release. Version 1.02 (patch 1) is perhaps the most significant so far with VR support improved, better sounds and enhanced aircraft behaviour. That said, the team continued to fix issues with a subsequent update since.

The Curtiss P-40 was an iconic single-engine fighter that flew first in 1938. The P-40F featured a Merlin engine, also found in planes such as the Spitfire, instead of an Allison engine that was found in most other variants of the plane. This made the aircraft perform better at high altitude.

The latest version of the P-40F WarHawk can be obtained through the iniManager right now. If you don’t already own the aircraft, you can buy it for £14.99 from the iniBuilds Store.



Overall sound improvements

Removed repeating/looping sounds

Fixed Cowl Lever shutter key-binding issue

Cockpit interaction tooltip fixes


VR support improved

ADI pitch sensitivity improved

Overpitching behaviour improved

Tooltip bugs resolved

LOD4 bug fixed

Prop blur improved

Throttle clickspot improved

External rear doors bug fixed

Wing decals clipping when gunbays open on specific livery fixed

EFB features added – Direct to via Map now added and Radio

Oil and radiator cooling bug fixed and cooling tuned

Propeller profile and performance refined

Engine and Supercharger performance tweaked

Improved Cameras.cfg

Sounds improved


ADI Ball Texture

Trim Wheel White Texture

EFB Settings Page (Toggle on/off persistence recording)

Auto-close gun bay doors, etc if open on take off roll

Hangar specs Range

Radio ON at cold & dark

Sound looping tweaks