iniBuilds has released their P-40F WarHawk for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The release marks the first stand-alone (non-partnered) release for iniBuilds in the MSFS aircraft market.

The Curtiss P-40 was an iconic single-engine fighter that flew first in 1938. The P-40F featured a Merlin engine, also found in planes such as the Spitfire, instead of an Allison engine that was found in most other variants of the plane. This made the aircraft perform better at high altitude.

iniBuilds rendition of the plane comes with an impressive list of features. It uses MSFS’ CFD flight model for primary flight surfaces and the propeller. The engine has been authentically modelled with true to life performance, and the aircraft also uses the new fuel mechanics available in MSFS. The aircraft also features a fully functioning EFB with maintenance features, moving maps, radio’s and weather info.

The iniBuilds team has also planned at least two future updates coming to the P-40F. Shortly after release, Patch 1 will fix bugs that have been found in the initial release, as well as the EFB Phase 2. This will bring basic route planning to the EFB and allow you to set up simple A to B flights. Patch 2 will bring with it fuel system improvements, with the addition of a drop tank and an updated fuel system mechanism. It will also include an update for ground handling to simulate the characteristics of a tail-dragger better.

iniBuilds P-40F WarHawk is available for £14.99 from the iniBuilds Store. The company has also created a handy introduction video to get you up to speed with their latest aircraft.