Established developer and Asobo Studios partner iniBuilds have released a major update to their popular London Heathrow (ICAO: EGLL) scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

This newest version, which the developer announced on their discord server, adds parallax interior modelling to all of the terminals, complimenting the interior that was added to terminal 5A in the V2 update. In addition, iniBuilds have gone to the trouble of adding additional ground clutter, an interior to the ATC tower, bollards on all terminal stands, and general updates to the airport’s groundopoly, markings, as well as performance optimisations.

The update compliments the previous Heathow V2 update which was released in July last year. The update came after the airport’s initial release fell short of community expectations, with many simmers voicing their upset at the lack of certain features and performance woes. Despite iniBuilds issuing numerous patches and fixes to the initial release, they eventually released the much more detailed V2 which added a parallax interior to terminal 5A, used by British Airways’ A320 fleet. This new update (V3) sees the remainder of the terminals receive the interior modelling treatment, as well as the addition of static passengers.

Existing users of the iniBuilds EGLL Heathrow Airport scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator can download the updated version of the airport from the iniManager app. For simmers now looking to pick up the revamped airport, the product is now available at 30% off for a limited time on the iniBuilds website.

A full changelog for Heathrow V3 can be found on the iniBuilds website.