As we approach the holiday season, we’re seeing more and more developers host sales and events. In the case of iniBuilds, they’re doing a bit more than just a traditional sale.

Over the next 5 days, iniBuilds are going to be offering a range of ‘super bundles’ and offers that are limited to just a single day. For example, for today only, each of the Airbus range from iniBuilds are currently only £9.99. Tomorrow, it will be a new deal that will be similarly enticing. Looking at the icons on the specific page, we can expect something aircraft related on day 2, with airports being the focus on days 3 and 4.

Day 5, however, with its picture of a palm tree, presents a bit more of a mystery as to what the special promotion may be. In the press release received by FSElite, it is teased that something a little different may be part of the Christmas Extravaganza. We will keep our eyes peeled and keep you updated.

In addition to the products developed by iniBuilds, there’s a sale ongoing for many of their third-party sellers on their store. Vendors include Immersive Audio, Boundless, Fly2, Origami Studios and more.

As we said, check back over the next few days on the specifically designed Christmas page to see what the next sale is.