iniBuilds has recently taken to their forums to announce their next project titled XS81: San Antonio Landmarks and Helipads for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The same developer behind the release of iniScene San Antonio (KSAT) will be bringing a meticulous and vibrant recreation of many parts of the Alamo City.

Notably, the scenery will feature a highly detailed rendition of San Antonio’s Christus Santa Rosa Childrens Hospital (and accompanying helipad), 360 degree views from The Chart House Restaurant sitting atop the Tower of the Americas, even the Alamo!

The scenery is slated to include three helipads (one civilian and two medical), all of which will be placed on elevated structures. As helicopters become more heavily supported by the Simulator, this scenery promises to deliver many challenging approaches and exciting views to rotor-wing enthusiasts. In fact, Asobo just announced two additional helicopters (Bell 407 and Guimbal Cabri G2) coming to the Simulator for the free 40th Anniversary Edition update launching November 11th!

iniBuilds reminds users that the images shown here are currently a work-in-progress and do not fully represent the final product. There is currently no estimated release date, but iniBuilds will continue to update users through their forums.


Highly detailed model of major landmarks of inner downtown San Antonio

Highly detailed recreation of Christus Santa Rosa Childrens Hospital and accompanying helipad

Surrounding hotels, residual buildings/shops modeled and textured

True-to-life, extremely accurate landmark lighting

Completely native MSFS Helipads, ready for upcoming native Helicopters

Thorough optimization of LOD’s of every object

Accurate placements of red obstruction beacons atop skyscrapers

3 different helipads, 1 civilian, two medical, all elevated on structures!