Fresh from FSWeekend, iniBuilds has announced a new type of aircraft to their fleet of products coming very soon to Microsoft Flight Simulator. The P-40F WarHawk is the first in a series of warbirds coming from the development team.

The P-40F is an iconic aerial fighter that was used in various parts of the world between 1941 and 1944 to provide superior fighter support, bomber escort and more during the war. It is also very distinctive thanks to the unique livery painted on the front of various warhawks.

Inibuilds are going all out to recreate this historic aircraft, by adding a range of features and functions to the plane. The plane has been developed with the latest flight model technology, whilst the insides have been accurately recreated with HD texturing and modelling. There is an authentic sound set recorded from the real aircraft to top it all off. To aid in flying, there is also an EFB that will allow you to look up local METARs, make use of a stopwatch and also perform aircraft maintenance. Finally, you can take a look under the hood by removing the engine cowlings.

The aircraft is due to release sometime this month. It’s currently on display right now at FSWeekend, with members of our team flying it right now. They’ll be sure to share first impressions very soon. For now, enjoy the previews and the video trailer.


Comprehensive use of CFD Flight Model TechnologyImmersive and authentic sounds recorded from the real aircraftFully modelled interior and exterior with fully interactive 3D cockpitAuthentic 4K PBR textures and detailingNumerous liveries representing famous real-world aircraftCivilian and Military variantsFeature rich EFB including but not limited to ;stopwatch, METAR search, and maintenance mode requiring the user to have management over the airframe over timeDetailed engine with the ability to remove cowlings