IndiaFoxtEcho, known for a number of high fidelity military aircraft across a range of simulators, has released their latest jet. The M-346 Master is a twin-engine military trainer aircraft. The plane is currently in use by the air forces of Italy, Israel, Singapore and Poland.

IndiaFoxtEcho’s rendition of this aircraft comes with several features. There is a detailed internal as well as external model, complemented by high resolution textures and PBR. A realistic HUD, MFD and UFCP are also included that have been based on a real world flight manual. Last but not least, the flight model has been recreated by publicly available data.

IndiaFoxtEcho’s M-346 for MSFS is available for €25,- from SimMarket.


Detailed external and virtual cockpit models, with high resolution textures and PBR effects.High detail texture sets, based on real aicrafts, for Italian Air Force, Polish Air Force, Singapore Air Force, Israeli Air Force and T-100 program.Realistic HUD, MFD and UFCP aircraft interface based on real world flight manual.Realistic and detailed procedures based on real world flight manual.Flight model with realistic performance and handling based on publicly available data.