The airport in the Australian boomtown city of Bendigo, the site of a large discovery of gold, has landed in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

With two runways, this treasure trove of an airport offers a range of commercial and light aircraft operations including emergency services and flight training.

Developer Impulse has paid close attention to detail on the surrounding areas of the airport and claim to have worked closely with airport management in developing their scenery.

The longer runway 17/35, offers RNAV approaches. Or if you fancy a challenge, try the 767m runway 05/23. Needless to say, this unique little airport has a little bit of something for everyone.

You can purchase a copy of Bendigo Airport at Impulse’s website for $21.95 AUD.


Full PBR Texturing20cm Aerial Coverage provided by Metromap (Aerometrex)100+ Custom AssetsDetailed Taxiway & Ground markings15,000+ Hand Placed ObjectsAccurate Terminal Model & InteriorRealistic Night LightingInteractive Hangars (HEMS & Bendigo Aviation Services) will open and close based on user distance.Corrected Vegetation for airport and surroundings.Custom POI’s
– Bendigo Base Hospital (Including Helipad)
– Central Deborah Gold Mine
– Sacred Heart Cathedral (Includes Correct Night Lighting
– The Great Stupa of Universal CompassionCustom Fuel PointsCustom Airport ServicesRunway Guard LightsCustom Animations